Tritt Elementary opened in 1980 and is located in East Cobb County.  The school services students in pre-kindergarten through fifth grade.   Tritt has a reputation for being a quality, high-achieving school that provides the best education to all students, regardless of their learning needs. 

The school culture is built from a family-centered environment, commitment to educating the whole child, an invested community, professional awareness, and the dedication and competence of the staff to not only do their job, but to do it better than anyone else. Tritt’s philosophy is based on the vision of: One Team, One Goal...A Community of Engaged Learners.


As we expose the students to the most innovative ways to learn, we remain centered in character building to create a safe and productive learning environment, a strong, challenging curriculum, varied co-curricular activities, and a collaborative relationship between the school and community.   


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