Communication & Social Media Accounts

We use multiple communication platforms to ensure that our parents, students, staff, and community know the many reasons that make Tritt the best place to teach, lead, and learn!


Tritt Elementary Website:

The most up-to-date school information can be found on our website. Managed by our administration, the website provides links to the school calendar, the Tritt A-to-Z document, club and organization information, teacher directory and webpages, Tritt’s Mission, Vision, and School Strategic Plan.


Teacher Websites and Blogs

Each teacher may choose to utilize the use of a blog or website to establish a line of communication between their classroom and parents/guardians of the students they teach. A link to these websites can be found under "Staff Contact." Some teachers, usually in our upper grades, will use Edmodo as a secure classroom website. Teachers may also use individual communication tools such as Remind!, ClassDojo, Seesaw, or Bloomz to share classroom information. These platforms are managed by individual teachers.


Tritt’s Twitter Account: @TrittSTEAM

Tritt’s Twitter Account is used as an archival and public relations tool. This platform, managed by the Tritt Administration Team, archives evidence of unique, academic experiences. In addition, we are followed by not only parents but county-level employees so that the central office can take note of the innovative things we do each day. Finally, @TrittSTEAM follows and is followed by educational companies (such as @Sphero), authors, schools (such as @HTMSCobb), district employees, and Tritt Teachers/Classrooms. 



ParentVue and StudentVue are the platforms designed for academic information between home and school. Guardians and students in grades 4-5 can access this platform to review each content area’s gradebook. All guardians and parents can view attendance information. This year, no printed report cards will be sent home. All report cards will be uploaded to ParentVue/StudentVue about a week after the close of the nine weeks. Adam Casey, Tritt Assistant Principal, can support any parents or students who may need technical assistance using this platform.


Blackboard Connect Communication System:

Information sent through this platform goes directly to the primary/enrolling and secondary adult for each of our students only. This is the system we use to send bus alerts, attendance alerts, low lunchroom account balance alerts, severe weather information, and emergency drill information. Our weekly newsletter, The Tiger Times, is sent to addresses pulled through this system to ensure that it is only being received by Tritt families. If your primary email or phone number changes during the year, it is imperative that you contact Shell Jones, Tritt Elementary Registration Clerk, to update your records. All information sent through this platform including community, PTA, and TTF announcements are reviewed by Tritt Administration.


PTA and Tritt Tiger Foundation (TTF) Webpages

Managed by a webmaster within each organization, both of these websites can found through Tritt’s homepage. Use these sites to support our PTA and TTF. Both sites include information on how to join, volunteer opportunities and sign-ups, a calendar of events, updated newsletters, corporate matching information, and public relations information on how each organization uniquely supports Tritt’s mission and vision.


PTA and Tritt Tiger Foundation (TTF) Facebook Pages & Twitter Accounts

These social media pages are controlled by the executive board of each organization. They use this platform to provide Tritt parents/guardians updates and pictures of the great things they are doing to support our school and your students. These pages are optional to join, but we encourage you to “follow” the pages.

PTA Facebook:

Foundation Facebook:

Foundation Twitter: @TrittTTF

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